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This album was recorded in Brazil and released in 2019. 

Music by Debussy,  Mendelssohn, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Federico Moreno-Torroba and Tchaikovsky.

Listen on Spotify or Deezer. 

duo slcover.JPG
The art of Duo Siqueira Lima

This album was recorded in Brazil and released in 2016. 

Music by Granados, Villa-Lobos, Piazzolla, Oswald, Hermeto Pascoal.

Listen on Spotify or Deezer.

Um a Um
GHA Records

This is the 3rd. CD of Duo Siqueira Lima. The first recorded with the legendary GHA Label.

In an obvious wink to Pixinguinha’s chôro "um a zero”, the choice of Um a Um as title for this album evokes the meeting of Uruguayan Cecilia Siqueira and Brazilian Fernando de Lima at the International Guitar Competition of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, when they won first prize ex aequo in 2001. So, no rivalry here but a common victory decisive for both: duo on stage and couple in life, Cecilia and Fernando’s destinies are now just one.

Lado a Lado

This album was recorded in Brazil and released in Ireland, in 2007. 

Dedicated to the Brazilian Music. 

Tudo ConCorda

At the first CD, they recorded a variety of styles, from the baroque to the popular music. Composers like Albinoni, Ernesto Nazareth, Scott Joplin, Radames Gnattali, Luiz Bonfa among others...

Recorded and Released in Brazil.

Sound Engineer: Ricardo Marui 

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