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New York Times

“Cecilia Siquiera, from Uruguay, and Fernando de Lima, from Brazil were more geographically diverse in pieces as finely detailed as a Fabergé egg.”


Duo Siqueira Lima is one of the world’s most prestigious guitar ensembles today having won the “Profissionais da Música Award” in Brazil and the “International Brazilian Press Awards” in the United States.

Cecilia Siqueira from Uruguay and Fernando de Lima from Brazil, met at “II International Guitar Competition Pró-Música/SESC” in 2001 in Caxias do Sul, where they shared the first prize. Playing together since 2003, they are recognized for their technical and interpretative virtuosity, perfect synchronicity, and for their daring and original arrangements made for two guitars. Their work features music of the classical repertoire as well Latin America popular music.

The duo has inspired some of the most important Brazilian composers of our time, such as André Mehmari and Marco Pereira, who have dedicated them concertos for two guitars and orchestra. They also have collaborated with important orchestras such as Chamber Orchestra of the University of São Paulo (Brazil), Gävle Symphony Orchestra (Sweden) and Moscow Symphony Orchestra (Russia).

Duo Siqueira Lima By Tamer Asan



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